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Millennium Acedemy for Fitness

My name is Helen Adams and I am the visionary for the organization Millennium Academy for Fitness. The purpose of the organization is for education exclusively. It is designed for exempt purpose and precludes inurement of net earnings for private shareholders or individuals. Several years ago, I began comparing the special programs provided by the federal, the state and local government to students with disabilities. As a Certified Special Education Teacher I recognized that there were no programs for overweight children and became determined to find a way to provide some special services to them. Millennium Academy for Fitness will tie Academics with Nutrition and Fitness to allow obese young children to meet their appropriate Body Mass Index (BMI).

Research states that obesity is an increasing problem for children of every culture, location and background such as race, ethnicity and income. As per MSNBC 9:00 A.M news on 10/16/10, overweight medical cost in the U.S is $17M annually. Obesity is a major cause of many health issues including diabetes, heart disease, brain shrinkage, stroke and hypertension in young children. Because overweight children suffer from multiple health issues, they are usually deprived of many school activities, they lack self-esteem and they are teased constantly. Obesity is also the #1 reason for bullying by peers and others.

This idea for a small free non-profit private school was presented to the state of Florida and is registered and assigned School Code 5833 by the Department of Education in Florida. Our academics will simulate the Florida State Standards; daily nutritional hot lunches will be provided as recommended by a nutritionist and daily fitness training as recommended by a Fitness Trainer will be included in the curriculum. We will assess our academics every eight weeks and the program in general will be assessed quarterly. Class sizes will be no greater than 15 students per class.

Acceptance priority will be given to Inner City Students who meet the obese criteria. They will be encouraged to apply for placement through the local News Paper, local radio station and literature distributed at the local churches, food marts, grocery stores and business places. The Academy will employ 15 full-time employees, two part-time employees, two technology experts on contract, three other employees on contract as needed and many overflow employees who will be employed by the service companies that we will be using, such as the recreation center that will need to provide us with five swim coaches, five life guards and two fitness trainers for four days each week. All associates employed by M.A.F.F will be selected by an experienced and notable recruiter.

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