Fitness Training

Health experts recommend that children exercise three or more days a week as part of living healthy. The research also suggests that the health risk from obesity can lead to strokes, some cancers, heart disease and ultimately an untimely and early death. The intended target group/population are children entering Kindergarden with an excessive BMI, students with diabetes or students predisposed to diabetes.

The Fitness training sessions will be conducted at a local recreation center. The center will be responsible for providing the academy with certified lifeguards, certified swim coaches and certified Fitness trainers. Fitness training will be conducted Monday through Thursday each week. Forty five minutes will be allotted for the training of which there will be 30 minutes of actual training during each session. Fifteen minutes will be allowed for changing into exercise clothing.

Time: 2:00 2:45 P.M Monday thru Thursday

Monday: Aerobics all students

Tuesday: Swimming/class A, Tennis/class B, Basketball/class C.

Wednesday: Swimming/class B, Tennis/class C, Basketball/class A.

Thursday: Swimming/class C, Tennis/class A, Basketball/class B.