The By Laws

By Laws

  • Millennium Academy for Fitness Corp is registered with the state of Florida as a Tuition Free non-profit publicly supported educational organization.

  • In the event of dissolution, Millennium Academy for Fitness ensures that its remaining assets will be used exclusively for exempt purposes and will be distributed to another or multiple non-profit educational organizations.

  • The purpose of the organization is for education exclusively, of which no part of the net earnings insures to the benefit of any private shareholders or individuals.

  • The Governing Board is comprised of six members all of whom have equal voting rights. The Directors were appointed. Nomination and Election will occur at the end of the first school year.

  • Any member of the Board who is a compensated employee while serving on the Board will be required to refrain from voting on his/her personal compensation.
    Millennium Academy will conduct school operation for 215 days each year.

  • Millennium Academy for Fitness has a racially non-discriminatory policy as to students, administrators or any employee.

  • The employees of the Academy and the Board members shall not participate in any business deal on behalf of the academy that will create a conflict of interest for the organization, Millennium Academy for Fitness Corp.

  • Teachers and personnel in direct contact with students will be required to arrive at work by 7:45 A.M and depart no earlier than 4:00 P.M.

  • These By-Laws were adopted on 4/18/2012.